Our programs make it easier for Lean departments (internal/external) to implement QRM and/or Lean philosophy in companies.

These programs basically consist of:


  • SQDPG dashboard with regular indicators and document management with the possibility of running in presentation mode (simplified) for 5-minute meetings

  • Quality indicators and alert management with the possibility of performing a problem solving (A3) or fast (action plan) methodology

  • On-site data capture (production, stops and defects) according to manual time record or assisted by IoT

  • Volume indicator with:

    – OEE graphs / Parts with resource comparative by previous day / 4 weeks vs. target / installed capacity

    – Pareto analysis of losses grouped into categories with drill down to see stop codes / sub-codes

    – Resource evolution graphs for past few days, weeks, rolling months and last 2 years with targets / installed capacity

  • Panels in factory showing real-time information (gauges with OEE, availability, performance and quality)

  • IoT module for assisted data capture in the factory

Continuous improvement

  • Scorecard

  • A3 Tracker (corrective actions for safety and quality problem solving)

  • Master Action Plan (quarterly Top 5 and action plans)

  • Other (annual planning)

Other modules

  • Operator versatility with document management of training received, expired, etc.

  • Document management associated specifically to plant resources (machines/lines) with version management, signature circuit, etc.

Other aspects not directly related to Lean are:

  • Data integration for companies with an organisation for plants that allows them to be consolidated by region, division, etc.

  • User profile management according to structure or function

  • Integration of our tool with customer’s own ecosystem (cloud authentication, collaboration environment, document manager, etc.)

  • Warning management, report generation, email sending, etc.

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