We at Osona Programació help companies optimise their production. We have created a tailor-made software program following these values:
  • Collaborate

    We at Osona Programació S.L collaborate with clients to optimise processes which take place in each of their departments.

  • Integrate

    We optimise solutions through cooperative work with your technical staff in a transversal and transparent manner.

  • Assistance

    We quickly resolve any issue with high quality solutions. We assist the company every day because we form part of it.

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What we do

We at Osprog CREATE the tools to improve management. We make satellite programs to connect with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. We produce software programs, administer applications and provide the most cutting edge technology for your company.

01 Production control

With desktop and web applications and our specialised programming, we plan the work orders and perform real time follow up of the production status.

02 Warehouses

We manage warehouses with the dynamic location system and with real-time stock need requests.

03 Quality

Quality is in everything we do. Furthermore, we manage quality certificates, we identify defective products and predict the unpredictable.

04 Safety

We maintain safety control at the plant level, via evaluation indicators and controls, which allows us to accurately monitor the entire process and prevent accidents.

05 Experience

We’re backed by over twenty years’ experience. We have worked with all types of teams and sectors. We take challenges head-on and provide the best solution.

06 Solutions

We optimise production resources and we improve product quality. We eliminate duplicates and errors which may occur and we reduce bureaucratic processes. We help manage the relationship among suppliers.

Success stories

Our professional experience allows us to cross borders and build projects across the globe. At the European level, our software is present in the UK, Romania, Portugal, Hungary and Turkey. In Asia and Oceania, we work with China, India, Singapore and Australia. On the American continents, we are present in Mexico, Brazil and the United States.
Delphi Automotive

Delphi Automotive

We collaborate with this international company dedicated to automotive technology, helping it control the production process. Our overall goal has been to ensure that the operations use fewer resources, while always meeting the clients’ requirements.

Pedro Roquet, S.A.U.

Pedro Roquet, S.A.U.

Pedro Roquet is one of the largest Spanish companies, dedicated to manufacturing hydraulic components. They contacted us to improve their real time management.

Airsal S.A

Airsal S.A

Airsal manufactures cylinders, pistons and other parts for motorcycles and scooters. The company contacted Osprog in order to gain greater control over their production processes, focusing on control over parts and their costs.

Dinacil S.L.

Dinacil S.L.

We have created a comprehensive platform for this international hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

Atein S.A.U.

Atein S.A.U.

This consulting company analyses projects and investments and handles large amounts of data. They contacted Osprog in order reduce data entry time in their system, making their consultancy work more efficient.

Fundiciones Roda S.A.

Fundiciones Roda S.A.

Specialised in binding iron with flake and nodular graphite, Fundiciones Roda required close control over everything that happened within their factory. We provided it to them.


On our blog we want to explain the challenges, suggestions and improvements concerning the technology that we work with.
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