• Needs
    and goals

    In this case, our client, Delphi global, needed a multiplatform tool for its private cloud. They wanted to show some management indicators, together with a comprehensive unified control panel for all their plants. Their goal was to improve the productivity and day-to-day management of their manufacturing processes, reviewing the daily operations in order to identify, reduce and eliminate inefficient processes. In order to detect what was not working within such a complex process, it helps to have a unified tool for all the plants, allowing all the information to be centralised and the results to be analysed at the corporate level.
  • OsProg creates

    With these needs and goals, Osprog created a web application, working hand in hand with Delphi’s Lean Manufacturing department. This application is based on safety and quality alert management modules, plant data collection, volume indicators and document management.

    We have integrated tools such as X-Pack, Master Action Plan, Top 5, Guidelines, among others, into the application in order to continuously improve and above all monitor all the actions.

  • Benefits

    As a result of implementing the application and the close collaboration between Osprog and the Lean Manufacturing department, Delphi managed to improve its productivity. Additionally, it is now easier to detect and analyse the problems from their origin, reduce risks and accidents, and improve quality, among other aspects. All the while, it helps reduce costs and improve flexibility and efficiency.