• Needs
    and goals

    SANJO continues to promote innovation. For this, they’re striving to be a benchmark in Industry 4.0, increasing their competitiveness through management control. That’s why they contacted us to digitalise and improve current production processes, streamline information gathering, and make faster and more reliable decisions.

  • OsProg creates

    Osprog has developed an application to answer the company’s needs and also offer complete integration with their current ERP (SAP). Our application permits the importing of OFS from their ERP, the monitoring, control and planning of the different operations and the return to the ERP of the total time spent by users in addition to the material used.

  • Benefits

    The implementation of the production control developed at Osprog has resulted in an improvement in the organisation in terms of having real-time, centralised and streamlined information. From a knowledge point of view, it has enabled them to analyse and reduce bottlenecks in their production processes, reduce costs, improve and optimise resources, and finally improve user productivity and efficiency.