• Needs
    and goals

    GIGOTEC contacted us because it needed a production control system, automation of its processes and real-time analysis of data to improve its decision-making. Another of GIGOTEC’s needs was machine signal capture (temperatures, vibrations, consumption, number of parts manufactured, etc.) and the possibility of generating alarms and notifications from these signals as well as identifying machine stops or lapses in operator attention.

  • OsProg creates

    At Osprog we have developed an application that provides management of the customer’s needs as well as offering full integration with its current ERP (SAGE 200). Our application permits the importing of OFS from SAGE, the monitoring, control and planning of the different operations and the return to the ERP of the total time spent by users in addition to the material used. The industry 4.0 module offers them, at all times and with immediate frequency, an analysis of the current situation of the factory, alarms of the signals obtained, machine stops, manufacturing incidents and micro-stops, lapses in operator attention or the production of parts in real time on the supervisor’s tablet and the operator’s tablet.

  • Benefits

    The implementation of the production control system and the industry 4.0 module that we have developed at Osprog has resulted in an improvement in the organisation in terms of having real-time, centralised and streamlined information, achieving improved decision-making reliability. From an information point of view, it has enabled them to analyse and reduce bottlenecks in their production processes, reduce costs, improve and optimise resources, improve decision-making reliability, real-time detection and analysis of the factory situation and, finally, improve user productivity and efficiency.