• Needs
    and goals

    Idilia contacted us because it needed a monitoring system for processes, procedures and operating practices on site with the aim of optimising them and making them more transparent to users through a web platform. They also required a tool for daily analysis of manufacturing processes to improve productivity, as well as the integration of a tool to be developed for its own application ecosystem (user authentication, document manager, collaboration environment, etc.).

  • OsProg creates

    At Osprog we have developed a web application that offers a control panel of daily indicators for nodes linked in its document manager, which implements a quality alert module (quality improvement), security, as well as data capture on site and a volume indicator to carry out analysis of the productivity of the lines and bottlenecks (reduction of production costs). All of this integrated in its ecosystem and making use of its application environment and single sign-on (SSO).

  • Benefits

    The implementation of a tool like the one we have developed at Osprog has meant an improvement in the organisation from the point of view of having real-time, centralised and streamlined information that is available in any place, at any time and on any device. In short, thanks to the implementation of Lean Manufacturing, our application facilitates an improvement in quality, cost reduction and greater efficiency of equipment, etc.