• Needs
    and goals

    Refrica contacted Osprog because it needed presence monitoring linked to an operator activity record via biometric devices (on-site) and with mobile devices with geolocation (customer installation). On the other hand, it required a warehouse module managed by mobile devices and integrated into its ERP.

  • OsProg creates

    At Osprog we have developed a mobile application that enables operators to create work orders with time control, geolocation, digital signature and control of materials, which at the same time facilitates presence monitoring when there is any off-site work.
    In addition, a warehouse management application integrated with its ERP (Sage 200) has been implemented. This application allows the real-time management of busy warehouses and multiple locations.

  • Benefits

    With the use of these two solutions, Refrica has achieved complete optimisation of available space, a reduction of storage costs and an improvement in productivity of the processes related to its activity. All this with perfect integration with its ERP, Sage 200.