• Needs
    and goals

    We store more and more data, whether by entering them in a system or storing papers in enormous archives. In this case, our client dedicated a great deal of resources to entering a significant amount of data and documentation into their system, to be able to manage cases to support other companies. The client wanted to improve the management of follow-up processes and aid projects.
  • OsProg creates

    When we saw how complicated the previous storage system was, we here at Osprog created a desktop application with modules linked to the company’s ERP. Using this tailor-made application, the company can now manage administrative documents, investments, quotes, cost calculations and energy savings, and certify cases, in addition to invoices, payments and personnel costs.

  • Benefits

    The biggest benefit of our involvement was that employees no longer had to dedicate as much time to entering and managing data. Additionally the application helped optimise resources, prevent errors and duplications and above all make faster use of the digitalised documentation. For example, they can now quickly consult or extract previously entered cases.